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DVD-Cloner ��        

    Real DVD Cloner. With DVD Burner, you will get true DVD instead of VCD/SVCD. It is the same with the DVD movie you bought. High speed and quality. Copy your DVD in a very short time. Simple way to use. Just a simple click, you favourite DVD has been cloned.


  • DVD-9 burnt to DVD-5 perfectly.
    Only one blank DVD-R/RW disk needed to burn a DVD-9 DVD movie. That is DVD- CLONER which make DVD cloning more conveniently, pleasurably and economically. Perfect output DVD-R/RW disk with special, bonus, subtitle, tracks etc, same as the original DVD movie.
  • More DVD burner compatible.
  • More speedy.
    Only two hours a DVD movie is burnt to blank dvd disk perfectly
  • Latest burning core adopted. Time saved and speed accelerated.
  • Some options removed. Easier to run.

  • (3.35MB)            ($59.99)

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